My Baby's Nursery September 13 2016, 1 Comment

Before I got pregnant I often envisioned my baby's nursery.  I used to work at a beautiful children's boutique where helping expectant moms put together their baby's safe haven was part of my day-to-day.  My co-worker Mollie and I would often ask each other "what would your nursery look like"?  

I wanted to share a few images of my son's actual nursery, which came just a few years after those hypothetical conversations at Seed Factory.  

My husband (Jimmy) and I love this safari themed bedding from Dwell Studio.  They have the coolest prints and the colors were exactly what we were looking for!  The Oeuf sparrow crib has always been my favorite.  Their products are eco friendly with all non-toxic paints which was important to me.  We had an antique white dresser to use as the changing table, so we went with a white crib. Jimmy and I wanted some fun art, but nothing cutesy.  Something sophisticated, yet playful.  He found these prints on Etsy, which I immediately fell in love with.  This adorable company, Animal Crew, out of Los Angeles has so many cute prints, it was hard to choose!  

We wanted a comfortable recliner in which to feed our baby, but did not want to buy something too expensive knowing it would likely only live in our home for the infant years of our children's lives.  After checking out many brands, we decided on this one from Ikea and have loved it!  The color is just right and the fabric is easy to clean.  

Knowing that curtains were a necessity, we opted for these blue floor length curtains which looked great with our bedding.  The fiddle leaf fig tree you see here, although beautiful in the room, had to go as soon as Woody became mobile.  

This is my favorite picture from our newborn shoot just one week after Woody's birth.  Today, he is not such a baby anymore!  

xo, laura

Photos taken by Rachel Iliadis.