Emerald August is an environmentally conscious clothing line for girls sizes 2 to 10.  The Atlanta-based fashion line is the result of dedication and a unique viewpoint about fashion and design.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Laura’s dream of owning her own business was always a major goal.  After attending college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and journeying to Buenos Aires, Argentina for two and a half years, she enrolled at Savannah College of Art and design in Atlanta where she studied fashion design.  While studying, she was steadily designing and sewing clothing for her twin nieces.

Upon completion of several fashion design and pattern making courses, Laura set out to launch Emerald August. She infused her love of color with her passion for mid-twentieth century silhouettes and fabrics into a modern collection that is anything but childish. The main focususes of the line are stylish signature tunic dresses and play clothes for girls, however Emerald August has expanded to baby and boy offerings since the spring of 2014.

One of the hallmarks of Emerald August is that each article of clothing is manufactured in the U.S.A. Using sustainable fabrics and natural fibers whenever possible, Emerald August is dedicated to helping boost the local economy by keeping all of their business processes domestic. Whimsical and well-crafted, Emerald August is for the stylish young girl who dares to be different and lives to express herself.